Some basic Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

shortcuts images

1.Ctrl + Shift +Esc  :-

In Windows 7 , this Keyboard Combo open  Task Manager.

2.Alt + Tab :-

cycle through your running All The Applications.

image of Alt+tab

3.Win + Tab :-

Similar to the Alt + Tab , cycle through your running all the applications in 3D view .

image of Win + Tab

4.Win + Arrow Key :-

Alignment of the opening windows to top,right,bottom,left with the combo of win + arrow key .

image of Win + Arrow Key

5.F2 :-

Rename of the Selected folder and files.

image of F2 Key

6.Ctrl + F :-

in your document,web browser or any other application this combo provides you search tab to search the keywords which you want to search .

7.Ctrl + W :-

Close the active single window .

8.Alt + F4 :-

Close the Multiple Windows opened in your web browser or documents .

9.Alt + Space bar :-

This combo opens a system menu in the top-left corner of the active window which provides you other sub options for Move , Size ,Minimize, Maximize, Close and Other .

image of Alt + Space bar

10.Ctrl + T :-

Open a New tab in your Web Browser .

11.Shift + Ctrl + T :-

Re-open the last browser tab Which you closed .

12.Win + F1 :-

Help Menu

image of F1

13. Ctrl + Shift + N :-

Creates a new Folder.

New Folder

14. Win + Space :-

Quickly Show Desktop.

15.Win + P :-

Quickly connect your system to Projector .

Win + P

16.Win + Number key

Win + 1 :- open the 1st application pinned in your taskbar .

Win + 2 :- open the 2nd application pinned in your taskbar .

Win + 3 :-open the 3rd application pinned in your taskbar.

Similarly to other application pinned in your taskbar .

17.Win + R :-

open the run application.

Win + R

18.Alt + Enter :-

Open the properties of the selected folder .

Alt + Enter

19.Win + B :-

To Move Focus To The System tray

Win + B

20.Shift + Click On The Taskbar Application :-

This Combo opens the New Instance of the Clicked Application .

Note :-

This Shortcuts may v Differ for Linux , Mac , Some version of the Windows and other Operating System .

Thank You To All My Reader :
Deepak Gupta

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