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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

What is WWW :-

image of WWW

1. Term WWW means World Wide Web or Simply Web . 

2. The WWW is just one of many applications of the Internet 

     and computer networks.

3. WWW consists of all the public Web sites connected to 

    The Internet worldwide . 

4. British Engineer and Computer Scientist Tim Berner 

    Lee Developed the concept of WWW , First browser , First Web 

     Server in 1990 . Now , he is The Director of World Wide Web 

     Consortium .

Tim Berner Lee profile image
Tim Berner Lee When he Developed WWW

World Wide Web is based on These Technologies:

1. Multiple Protocol Supports 

   (HTTP :- Hypertext Transfer Protocol)

2. Distributed Information

3. Web servers and Web browsers

4. HTML :- Hypertext Markup Language

5. Graphical User Interface (GUI)

6. Multimedia Capabilities 

7. Interactive Access

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) :-

image of W3C

1. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the Standards Organization for 

    Managing the World Wide Web (W3) .

2. Tim Berner Lee is the Founder of the World Wide Web Consortium .

3. Member of W3C is Working Together in Developed of Standards of 

   World Wide Web .

4. Now , W3C also Engages in Developed of Education , Software and

    Open Forum For Discussion about the Web . 

Importance of W3C Validation in Web Design :-

First i Would Like To Say That Success of your Business Through Web Sites 

is depends on How positive impression you can create in the mind of your 

Customer . Websites is the Online Representation of your Business . 

Main Purpose of the W3C is that to ensure All the Web sites and its 

components Works without any glitches because some browser have

their own HTML tag Then if Your Web Site is Browser Dependent , 

it might create a problem for other browser or could't open properly .

So There are some of the benefits if your web sites is W3C Compliant .

1. Your Web sites is becomes very easy to maintain .

2. It Would increase your SEO Rank and enhance the visibility of your Web 

    Sites .

3. It Would increase the functionality of your Web Sites and makes it as User 

    Friendly For accessing Your Web Sites More user Navigate to your web 


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Deepak Gupta

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