Wireless ad hoc Network

ad hoc network

Wireless ad hoc Network

Wireless ad hoc Network is a Communication Way That allows one node to

directly Communicate With other node in the network without use of router .

so That we can Easily share our net connection .

How we Create ad hoc Network in Windows 7

Step-1. Open the Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network 

and Sharing Center

Control Panel

Network and Sharing Window will Come .

new network

Step-2. Now , You Click on First Option Set up a new connection or 

network .

Step-3. It Will Open a New Small Window . You Scroll Down and select

Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer ) network .

ad hoc network

Step-4. Next Window , Set up a wireless ad hoc network will Come .

You Click on Next button .

ad hoc network

Step-5. Now , Give your network a name and choose security option .

Network Name : You Enter the Name of the Network .

Security Type : Select the Security type of your network from the drop

down list .

Security Key : You need to enter the password if your Security Type is

WPA2-Personal .

Save this network : Click in this Check box if you want to save the

Network .

Click on Next button .

security option

Step-6. Now , Your Network is ready to use . If You want to share your

Network connection you Click on Turn on Internet connection 

sharing option .

ad hoc network

Step-7. Hence , Your Network is enabled for the user .

connection sharing

Now , other user can easily connect with your network .

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