How We Enable JavaScript in Browser

Enable javascript in browser

Now , Today's Era Mostly Web sites Contains the JavaScript Code in Web

Document. if You disable the JavaScript in your Web browser , Than Web

Sites Could not Open Properly or All the Elements Will nor Perform . so it

is recommended That you Enable The JavaScript In your Web browser.

To Enable The JavaScript in your Particular Web browser you Follow

The Following Steps.

Google Chrome

To Enable the JavaScript in Google Chrome , you Follow The

Following Steps..

Step-1. Open Chrome Browser. Click on Menu button ( Top Right Corner 

3 horizontal Lines ) . and Select the Setting Option From the drop Down

Menu List.

Step-2. Scroll down and Click on show advanced Settings Link.

Step-3. In Privacy Options, Click on Content Setting button.

Content Setting button

Step-4. New Small Window Will Come Up . Here in JavaScript Section ,

you Select Allow all sites to run JavaScript Option.

Enable javascript

Step-5. Click on Done button. Hence JavaScript is Enable in your Chrome


Internet Explorer

To Enable the JavaScript in Internet Explorer , you Follow The

Following Steps..

Step-1. Open Internet Explorer. Click on Tool Menu and Select The

Internet Options.

Step-2. Select The security Tab and Click on Custom Level button.

Internet Explorer

Step-3. Scroll down and in the scripting section you Select the

Active Scripting -> Enable Check box.

internet explorer

Step-4. Press OK and Save The Settings.

Mozilla Firefox

To Enable the JavaScript in Mozilla Firefox, you Follow The

Following Steps..

Step-1. Open Firefox.

Step-2. Open the Option Windows in your Firefox browser.

Step-3. Click on Content Tab and Select the Enable JavaScript

Check Box.


Step-4. If You Want to Customize your Advanced JavaScript

Settings Than Click on Advanced button.

Step-5. Select the Check box According your Choice and press OK.

Apple Safari

To Enable the JavaScript in Apple Safari , you Follow The Following Steps..

Step-1. Open your Safari Web Browser.

Step-2. Click on Tool button ( Top Right Corner gear type button) and

Select The Preference Option.

Step-3. To Open The Preference Option, you Can directly Press Keyboard

Combo Ctrl + ,

Step-4. In Security Tab, Click On Enable JavaScript Options and Save

The Settings.



To Enable the JavaScript in Opera , you Follow The Following Steps..

Step-1. Open your Opera browser

Step-2. Click on Tool Menu ( At The top of the browser ) and Select The

Quick Preference Options

Step-3. To Open The Quick Preference Option, you Can directly Press

Keyboard Key F12.

Opera Quick Preference

Step-4. Now You Select The Enable JavaScript and Save the settings.

Enable JavaScript

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