How to Change blogger Template

blogger template

blogger template

blogger template is the Actual Working Themes or design of your blog.

by Default blogger provides a some of the templates but it will not looks

like a real one. so There is lots of Free Template Available in the Market,

Free download it and Change your blogger Template.

Why We Change Blogger template

if This Types of Questions is coming in your mind, Why we change the blogger

template then , reason behinds it given under the following Points.

1. Your blog looks like a Real Website.

2. Blogger template provides you to put the more Functionality on your blog.

3. you Can add a Drop down Menu and Read More or Continue options.

4. you Can Put a Animation Template on your blog.

Free Template Download Link

Here , you Find a Lots of Free Template.

Change blogger Template

When you download a Template Then you Follow The below Steps to

Change the blogger Template.

Step-1. Sign in into your blogger Account Then go to Template Section.

Step-2. In the Top Right Corner, you Find a Backup / Restore button ,

Click on This button.

Step-3. Here , you Find a Two Options..

Download Full Template : before Changing The Template of your blog, it is

recommend that First you Download your Current Template so that you will

use it  any error conditions.

Choose File : Now, you browse your template from your system and

upload it.  Hence, your Template is uploaded.

blogger template

Step-4. Now , if you Want to Customize or Edit the template , Then Click on

Edit Template button. and save your Template.

blogger template

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