VLSI Physical Design

VLSI Physical Design

What is VLSI ?

VLSI ( Very Large Scale Integration ) Circuits is the Collection of More Than

One Million Small Chips Integrated on Single Large Chip. Initially These Chips

are Designed in Small Scale and After Designing and Testing Each modules

They are Fabricated in Single Large Chip. This Single Large Chip is

Known as VLSI Circuits.

Ex. Microprocessor

VLSI Design Cycle

To Design a Large VLSI Chip, It Follows a Some Steps Which are

given Under The Following Points.

1. System Specification

2. Architectural design

3. Functional design

4. Logic design

5. Circuit design

6. Physical Design

7. Fabrication

8. Packing and Testing

1. System Specification

In The First Step of VLSI Life Cycle, We Design High Level Functional

Description of The Circuits With Some Constraints Like Size, Speed,

and Power.

2. Architectural Design

In Architectural Design, We Design Micro-architectural Specification of The

Design With Architecture Style, Number of ALUs, Floating Point Units,

Number and Structure of Pipelines, and Size of Caches.

3. Functional Design

In Functional Design of VLSI Life Cycle We Concentrate on Functionality

of Each Individual Unit and Their Interconnection. The Area, Power,

and Time of Each Unit is Identified.

4. Logic Design

It Consists of Boolean Expressions and Timing Information of the Each

Individual Units.

5. Circuit Design

After Design of the Boolean Expressions and Timing Information of Each

Individual Unit, Circuit Description in Logic Gates is Generated.

6. Physical Design

Circuit Representation of the Individual Units is Converted into a Geometric

Representation. This Geometric Representation is Known as Layout of

The Circuits.

7. Fabrication

Output of the Physical Design Phase Will Works as a Input of the Fabrication

Phase. so after a layout is generated the design is ready for actual fabrication

or manufacturing.

8. Packing , Testing and Debugging

This is the Last Phase of the VLSI Design. After The fabrication or

Manufacturing of the Chip, Chips are ready for Packaging, Testing,

and debugging.


For the Detailed Study of the VLSI Physical Design, you refer the

Following Presentation.

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