Bluetooth : Advance Bluetooth Technology

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Bluetooth and Advance Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth is a Wireless Technology To send the data From one node to

another node over the short Range of Distance (30 Feet) Without Using

The cable . Bluetooth is Developed by Telecom vendor Ericsson in 1994 .

It Connects The one Bluetooth device to another Bluetooth device like

Cell Phone , Computer , Digital Bluetooth Pen , Bluetooth Mouse ,

Keyboards and Other Devices .

Bluetooth Profile

A Bluetooth Profile have been developed to describe a number of user Model

Where Bluetooth Performs Wireless Communication . To use a Bluetooth

Technology , Device Must be Compatible with Bluetooth Profile . Here ,

Some name of The Bluetooth Profile...

1. Advanced Audio Distribution Profile(A2DP)

2. Attribute Profile (ATT)

3. Audio/Video Remote Control Profile(AVRCP)

4. Basic Imaging Profile(BIP)

5. Cordless Telephony Profile(CTP)

6. Dial-up Networking Profile(DUN)

7. Fax Profile(FAX)

8. Generic Object Exchange Profile (GOEP)

9. Headset Profile(HSP)

10. Intercom Profile(ICP)

11. Lan Access Profile(LAP)

12. Phone Book Access Profile(PBAP,PBA)

13.Synchronization Profile(SYNCH)

14. Video Distribution Profile (VDP)

15. Wireless Application Protocol Bearer(WAPB)

Advance Bluetooth Technologies 

Fourth Coming Computers


Scientists Have Done a Great Job To Develop a Fourth Coming Computers .

You Can carry it in Your Pockets also . This Pen Type Technology provides

both Monitor and Keyboards on any Flat Surface From Where you Can do

The Normally Function as you do with your Computers .

Mouse and Keyboards

Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headset Provides the Facility to Simultaneously Connects to a

Computer and Cell Phone Using Bluetooth . Recent Versions of Bluetooth

Headset Doesn't Effected By the Background Voice .


Bluetooth Input Device

With Recent Technologies of Bluetooth , Computer Scientists Develop a

Bluetooth Input Device Like Mouse , Keyboards , Joy Stick , Pen drive

and Others. We Can use These Device From the 30 Feet Distance . No

Need To worry about The Wire . These All Bluetooth Input Device more

Efficient To The Earlier One .

input device

Digital Pens and Paper

This Combination of Digital Pens And Paper is Really Helpful Technology For

Computer programmer , Writer and artists . if You Write Something on Digital

Paper By Digital pens Than it automatically gets update in your personal

Computer Which is Bluetooth Connected with these Device .

pen and paper

Bluetooth Sunglasses + MP3

Fashion and Luxurious World Also Effected by the Advance Bluetooth

Technologies . With These Stylish and Cool Look of Bluetooth Sunglasses

Customer gets Crazy . You Can Enjoy The MP3 Songs With Bluetooth

Sunglasses .


Bluetooth Output Device

There was a Era When we used All The Device with Wire Like Monitor ,

Printer and Other Device But Now , Today's Technologies Time All the

Fields are covered with the Bluetooth Device .

output device

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Deepak Gupta

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