Important Google Must Know

Important Google Must Know

As We All Know That Google is the Most Widely Used Search Engine,

Number 1 Website in the World. Google Provides us a Lots of Free

Services Like Gmail, blogger, Google Docs, Google Alerts, Google

Search, Google Adsence, Webmaster Tools and Other. We are so

much Familiar With These Google Service. but Except That Services

There are Lots of Free and Useful Services provides by the Google.

Here, I'll Tell you some of These Important Services of the Google.

1. Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is the One of the Most Important service of the Google,

Provided by the Google. Google Scholar Allow to the user to search The

books, Thesis, Article, Research Publication and others. so With Google

Scholar you can keep in touch with the recent Research in the Different

Fields. Here , you can create a User public Author Profile and you can

include a Many Topic Like Engineering, Computer Science, Arts,

Commerce, Medical andHealth Science, Management, Business and

other Different Fields. To Write The Article you can use a any Language.

Google Scholar

2. Google Art Project

Google Art Project is the Project of Google Launched on 1 Jan 2011. Google

Art Project is the Online Collection of the Best art Collected From the

Different Museums Around the Globe. Here, you can See and save All

The Rare Art of the History. It is the Most Useful Link for the Art Lover.

Google Art Project

3. Google Input Tool

Google Input tool

Google Input Tool Allow To the User To Enter Message in One Language and

Transfer into the different language. you can download Google Input For your

PC, Android Devices and on The Web.

Google Input tool
4. Google Code

you Can learn the code with Google Code. you can search the Project in

Different Language Like C, C++, JAVA, Python, Perl,PHP, JavaScript,

AJAX, Flash , MySQL and Other Different Language.

Google Code

5. Google Encrypted

Google Encrypted is the One of the most Inportant Service of the Google.

Here, Whatever you search is more secure because it uses the Https

( Hyper Text Transfer Protocols Secure ) Which is more Secure than

Http ( Hyper text transfer Protocols ). Https is the Most Widely

used Protocols For the Secure Communication over the Computer

Networks. Https is the Combination of the Two Protocols- Http, SSL

Google Encrypted

6. Google Moderator

Google Moderator is the one more useful Service of the Google. it was

Launched in 25 Sep 2008. Google Moderator is allow to the user to ask

the problems and share with the different users. you can vote for the Top

Question asked by the different user.

Google Moderator

Thank You To All My Reader
Deepak Gupta

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